I m Buddhika Nishanthi.My pet name is Achala.I like this pet name.My family members are call me Achala.So, Iam a tall girl and I am fair in complexion.I have short hair.If is straight.I am slim usually,I weare frock ans skirt blose.Seldom I weare trower and 7-shirt.I’m kind and humble.Some time I am cruel.

Iam fifteen years old.I live inPitakumbura and my native place is this village.I love my native place.So,I am reading books as a hobbey.My favourite subject is English.I have many frirnds.I would like to writing about my family background,My family is a big one.I have four sisters and  only one brother.They are love me very much.My parents are alive.My father name is Sirisena and my mother is Dayani.They are very kind.My Amma is a good house wife and Thattha is a good farmer.Some times my parents are like a best friend me.I love my family and to my family members.

HOwever I think our family is very lucky one.Now still I am a school student and I study at Pitakumbura school and I am in grade 10.Next year I will be sitting the O/L exam.My ambition to be a teacher one day.Surly I’ll go my tarket one day.

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  1. Nice to see you blogging. Keep on writing. There are some spelling mistakes and you can correct them before submitting the article.


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