In my school hoidays I spent very well.I enjoyed spent a moth at my  home.So,these days,I faced happy news and sad news.Life is like a question papers.I think,we muct search and fill to this question paper.We can’t live without these quesetions.

                              So,in this school holidays more time,i spent with my books this books like a friends me.Some time I rememberd my school teachers and my friends.So,I feel sad and in the other hand I feel lonerly.However,I played each each game and went relative home.I was very happy one reason.We went a new home.It was a nice experience of my life.We arranged the house very well.I prepared my room as wish me.So very happy.

I hward very happy news.Alittle baby came to my home.This baby’s mother is my elder sister.So firstly in my life,this time baby’s body is very small.All of were very happy.I spent many time with our baby.So,I heard very sad news in this period.I wish I don’t hear like this news,My sister’s little daughter was die.So,we were very sad We were very happy mood to see this little daughter.But our daughter see this world she was die.We were sad these days.

My mother went to colombo look my sister.So,I and my sister did every things in my home work.Howevery the days went to very soon and the school start on 04.So,this school holidays spent like that.

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