I’m Buddhika Nishanthi.My pet name is Achala.I like this pet name.My family members are call me Achala.So,I am atall girl and I am fair in complexion.I have short hair.If is straight.I am slim usualy,I weare frock and skirt blose.Seldom I weare trower and 7-shirt.I’m kind and humble.Some time,I’am cruel.iam fifteen years old.I live in   Pitakumbura and my native


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2 responses to “MY SELF

  1. Hai,
    I am chamara. my school is opatha m.v.
    your blog is very beautiful.
    thank you,

  2. hi ,
    acala your bloge is very beautiful.
    I like to you.
    you are little beautiful patiki.
    I am Grade 12 stady in kuliyapitiya
    saranath m.v.
    your loveing friend,
    chanaka samadhi
    please reply me soon.

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