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In our life soul we meet many people.So to this people have different life styles.Some people spend rich life style and some spend very poor life style.However we must teach all this people to spend clean life.First we must create a very good healthy environment in our school and home we can grow trees flower hearble plants and to make this healthy environment.Specially I want to write about trees.By this trees do very important role to us.The trees absorbed unhealthy gas co2 and they get gas.So If you pollute your school and home garden.I’m sure you will spend very bad life and you remember them then you can go to hospital near the clay.Please I tell you clean your environment and acquire the good healthy habits.However in our enviroment has garbages.Yes can put this garbage very suitable place and we can bury them out shells and tyres.If you bury these no  mosquitoes will there be.Alsways we must takenutrientiour carbohydrate protein vitamins and minerals, foods etc.We must drink clean and fresh water and eat good fruits.So very importaut good health habit is do exercises you can walking, swimming,play cricket,running,ride a bicycle,play karatha as a exercise.By these we can make our body as we wish some people get advice for this by doctors and instructors.How ever If you clean your environment and take good health food and fruits and do exercise you can spend very good heathly and strong life style.

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Collecting stamps is a hobby.Many students and person do this activity as a hobby.This hobby is a very important one and very interesting.I collect the stamps as a hobby.So now I collect about five hundred stamps.What’s the use of the stamps.So writing this topic stamps are very valuable.It has an educational value not only that historical and economical value.Stamps are very colourful.It has different shapes and sizes.Then we can understand the history and economy of a country when we look at stamps.You look Sri lanka  tamps show,

*Our history

*Our economy

*Our education

of our country.So some stamps are very  colourful and attractive many little children too very like on these stamps.So some stamps have sigiriya and other ruins displaying them.Like this every stamps show some thing information teach for us.Some time by these stamps get many many information for our education.We can gain foreign countries information this some stamps.Today we can get  stamps from exhibitions,pen friends and adults .However collect the stamps very interesting and we can sell old stamps.So this hobby is very interesting to me.I’m sure you too will join with me to  collect stamps as a hobby.

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An egg speaks

Who am I?.

M. . . . . . . . m. . . . . . . .m

I’m an egg.

I. . . . . . . . . . . I

Was bron in a poutry farm.

M. . . . . . . .m . . . . .  .m

Who is my mother?.

oh. . . . .,y dear mother

was a hen


I love her very much. . . . . .

So.. . . . . . ..

Do you know . . . . . . 

Which shape in my body?

I . . . . . . . . .

have an oval shaped

body . . . . . . . and

Covered with a shell. . . . . .

Yes . . . . . ..  

I think

I’m very beautiful . . . . . . .

two parts

in my body

It . . . . .

Yellow and white . . . .

I was very sad

of my life . . . . . . .

the people

Don’t let me live . . . . . . ..

I would like

tell you . . . . . . . .

I like to live

in this world  . . . . . . . .

But . . . . . .but . . . . .

the people like to eat me . . . . . . ..

but . . . . .

the people,

listen to my few words

I shall be come

A chicken in future

please . . . . . . . .please. . . . . . .. . .

listen to me . . . . . .

my dear people

Let melive

in this world too . . . . . . .


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We have the computer class on every Saturday at about 2.30 p.m in my school.So usually we went to this class on Saturdays.I think the date is 13th of this month.I never forget this day,in my life.Because I saw very unfortunate incident……….A dog was died near the gate of my school.This dog is a little dog.I was very sad.I looked at that side.So,I . . . . .can’t . . . . . .yes can’t explain this death it met an accident by a careless driver or by poisoning some one.So what shall we do.We were  very sad

I have a little dog as a pet in my home.So I was very sad.However we enter the school left side.Life is a ? .I feel so.I think our life are like this.So this dog disposted by our school teachers and students.Very bad seen and I was very sad.Actually same to our class mates.So I  would like to tell following sentences.

”Death is common

to all of us”

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As a child,

As a student,

Day by day


love my computer class. . . . . . . . .


my computer class

like a mother

to me. . . . . . . . .

I respect

her. . . . . . . . . .

I obey

her. . . . . . . .

I love

her. . . . . . .


never  forget

my dear mother

I learn many things

from you. . . . . . . .

You teach us many things

to us. . . . . . . .



knew many things


my country


the world

we can’t live without the



the future

We’ ll

enjoy us

very well


this knowledge……….

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You write a letter to a friends in a far-off town.How does it get to him?First you post it.Then a the post man opens the post box and take your letter to the post office.There it is put to a bag with other letters going to the same.Place this bag is put in to a train going to you friends town.The bag is collected at the station and taken to the letters are sorted and given to different post men.One post man gets your letter in bag and takes it to your friends.In the houses our friends gets your letter and reads it.So you see a post man is the first and the last link in a long chain between you and your friend One post man collects our letter and other post man gives it to your friend.


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Monaragala Bibile jayawardana Atthanayaka Navodya Maha Viduhala is my school.So There is a library in my school.I would like to enter this library and it has many kinds of various books.This books are very interesting and important.In my school library teacher is Thaksila madam and library assitant is Mrs. Hemalatha this library arrange very pleasant place.We go to the library very happy.The books are arranged in racks.So then the students can select books very quickly.Thats good there are over five thousand books in my school library.Some are
*detective stories books
*Adventure stories books
*Science fiction books
*Children stories books
*folk tale
*Autobiography books etc.So I would like to read detective stories books.Specially my school library has Anna kournica,Sherlock home etc.Specially it has English books
*Village by the see
*Oliver twist
*Treasure in the jungle
*Swami and friends
*Mill on the floss
*Alis in the wonderland etc.Also my school library has many books.Specially It has educational books.EX.
*Maths etc
Daily news papers too are here We read them for collect many information about daily news in my country and the other countries.Finally I humbly ask you to donate books to my school library.

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You know english is a language.It is on International language.Today we must learn in english lanuage.If you go to the boutiqus,market,town,area,country side,shop etc.All this place use this engilsh.So we want in english.We cant live without in english.Today in english teach as a subject every school.So this english is very important for us.Today many people speacilly country side,think this english lsnguage is very difficult.We cant english.So dont think like this.All of us can learn in english following seutence is very suitable this
”try and try one
day you can fly”So we must try to learn in english language.If you learn in english language very well.You can find a job very soon.Today every industries use in english speacially.If you live the towe area you must know english.Town area people speak in english not sinhala.This country.But today.Here people speak in english.If is reason many countries use one language.If english.So this situation All of us must know this language.Then we can spend our life very well.If the future whole wold use english language for all activity.A person who knows english well can communicate with foreigners english.There by he can learn more about foreign countries too and you can foreign country.If we know english it will be eaciear for us to get friendly with people and get their assitence.English is also interseting subject.So more students and people are learning english now becouse they have realised the value of english.English is a lastly very easy language.


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