Street children can be seen in Sri Lanka as well as other Asian  countries.They are a common sight in the cities like colombo,kandy,Galla and Mathara.The children has no dwelling place.They sleep under the trees on the pay ment or infront of shops in the city.Most street children have no parents.They have become orphans due to many rewons.Perantal death and ethnic was are the main reasons.

Street children are the victims of child abuse.They were harresed by clders and abuse.Some children become drug addicts.They have no way to cdueate themselves by attending schools.This street children spend very unlueley and sad life.However the government can take very sutable action due to this problem.

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  1. Hey…

    It’s very nice to c this type of Article by a small Sri Lankan Child. So Im very thankful about this and I m promise that will refer your articles of you further.

    Please upload further to review..


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