Trees play an important role in the weather and climate.Trees provide us  food and shelter.Thet also provides fire wood,furniture and medicine.The roots of the trees retain the moisture of the soil.Trees also clean polluted air.But people cut down trees without thinking.They sell the timber and down the forests.As a result the rivers dry up or cause disastrous floods.Thus green land of ours will turn into a desert and economic and social life of the people would affected.By cutting down trees people not only distroy human like but also animals and their habitat.As the forests are diminishing we are losing large number of our rare animals.When people destory forests them destroy medicinal plants as well.This affets the Ayurvedic Medcal System too.The forest department is talking every step to solve this problem.Therefore in stead of destroying.This green cover of the earth we all must strive hard to protect the forests for our selves and the future generations.


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  1. Hello Daughter,
    U’ve understood trees how valuable are.U’ve to spread this message among your friend.
    Good Luck!

  2. aayush

    please improve your grammer

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