That day, (was a)very beautiful day (compared to)other days. I got ready to go to the school. So, I went to the school at about 7.00 o’clock. However (a)fter school time, I have (went to a) class in town. So, I got on the bus. I saw my Amma in to this bus, and (was searching for) some thing. I went near to my Amma. I saw  my Amma’s eyes tear. Her teardrops fell like rain that (at that) time. I cried (I started crying) both of we cried. I asked from my Amma what happened. She said, my thaththa fell down the tree this time I (forgot) when I here in to the bus.. I cried very loudly. Actually (me)and my Amma came (no need) home. I didn’t go to the class. While I coming (no need) home my elder sister (was) crying. After I asked (no need) my sister about this incident. She  said. that (that), morning my thaththa and Ayya went to break the peper.(did you mean pepper?) So, there is a peper tree in front of my (house).

                                               So, my thaththa  shout   very loud. my sister run near to Ayya and Amma admitted thaththa (to) Bibile hospital. After (h)e (was) admitted sirigala (?)hospital in Monaragala. After I called (my what?) they came (no need)here. All of us were very sadly.So,our neighbors came to our home and asked what happened.Dally,we (us)cried. I cried because my thaththa was very thin. He can’t walk, and stand (himself) my Ayya looks (after) my thaththa.. (sentence does not make sense) our family members go (to see) my thaththa. My thaththa’s back bone (has) broke(n).                 

         Howerer, usually, (daily) I am looking and count my fingers, coming to my thaththa. I wish my thaththa (may come) home very soon. I hope (will be blessed by god).



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  1. im so sory to hear that. i wish your farther will get better soon

  2. Is he still in hospital ? Do you need any help from us? if yes pl let us know via blog/mail.

  3. Resyedisp

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