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As an Asian country called Sri Lanka take a major place in having natural resources.Among the natural resources in Sri Lanka natural forests,water resources such as water falls,streams etc,birds and wild animals take a major place.When we consider about the natural forests,the Sinharaja forest is cousidered as the only undisturbed rainforest left in Sri Lanka.
It is situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province.The Sinharaga rain forest is the largest rain forest rescue in Sri Lanka.In 1989 UNESCO included the Sinharaga forest in the world heritage list,as the first National Heritage in Sri Lanka.The Sinharaga forest is a home to many rare animals,birds,butter flies,insects,reptiles and trees.Sinharaga varies between 35 to 40 metres.
Some trees are above 50 metres.Studies have recorded 147 species of birds and also 45 varieties of reptiles.But today this natural kingdom is facing many threats from man.In 1936 the Sinharaga forest area was 25 000 hectares and it decreased to 11187 in 1994 and at present it is only about 8864 hectares.The main reason for decreasing the land area of Sinharaga forest is the harmful activities of man.
With the increasing of the population the people around Sinharaja forest started to clear the land and settle around Sinharaga and this became the main reason for the decreasing of Sinharaga land area.Conservation of Sinharaga is of vital necessity.If ensures the maintenance of water resource.Two rivers which are nourrished from the Sinharaga forest are river Kulu and Nilwala and also small streams which are originated from Sinharaga nourishes many plants and animal species.
Sinharaga also stands as a buffer against floods which is a constant threat due to heavy rainfall in this area.It is our duty and responsibility to protect this natural rainforest of maintain the beauty of our motherland Sri Lanka.


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So I am writing this topic I would like to say that I am very happy to attend  the new class.Actually I was at the  Grade  9-c  in 2007 and we studied very well at Grade 9-c . Next year we will pass to the new Grade 10-c .So, 04th of December 2007  we received  new books this books are very good and very interesteresting.Actually these books are good better than grade 9-c class books.English book is very good and interesting.I’m very like this subject we gave five books.So I came to the home and that book.Certanilly this book very important and interst sinhala book has very good stories and lesson that lesson we give advices.

                 Class teachers are new books are new.Class is new .All of us new.So lastly we will study very well next year.


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All the students study in computer science is very well.So our computer sir taught us new things for us.So 01st of December of 2007,we sat a computer science exam.So we went to the class early in the morning.Twenty one students sat this computer science test.So the test was not easy.First scored Sugandika Akka and second one is me. I was very happy.Third is Dilshan.
Our computer sir gave presents for us.Thank you very much sir to gave such a things.So we standed in a circle and our sir standed middle of the circle affer that.All the students shouted.
We read this sentence and we were very happy.It is a unforgettable day of our life.

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Since the very first moment of our birds we tend to claim our mother as ours.But as time elapses we come to realise that she belongs to our ridlings as well.Thus she becomes a common asset.A common asset means a property by which all the members of a common social family are benifited.The present society is a complecated one and the assets available for the benefit of all people alike are plentiful,highways was of public transport such as buses trains and aeroplanes,institutions of service such as libraries,haspitals and schools are some among them.These common assets are maintained with the funds of all of us together.And they are administered by government appointed by vote of all people.Thus they become the wealth of each and  every person in the society,it’s the duty and responsibility of all of us to protect them for the benefit of everyone.

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Sanath Jayasuriya is a very famous personnel in the world He is a crickter.He is very bright and active cricket player.He mother is Mrs.Brata jayasuriya.He has one brother His name is Chandana.Shanath’s birthday is on the 30th of June 1969 He lives in Matara His school is St.Servatious college He has shown his talents from school age He had gone to Australia,Pakistan,Newzealand and India.He brought fame to our country. We are very proud of him

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Trees are our savivours from ancient times.Trees have given man animals and birds much food.Trees give us medicine her big roots and leaves of trees are used to prepare valuabe madicine.It’s wood is used for making furniture,boats and ornamentals.Trees help to purify the air by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen.Flock of trees make the environment beautiful.Trees give us paper and fuel too.The trees serve us from birth to the coffin at deaths.


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Flowers are very beautiful and very attractive.All the people like flowers.Specially the women are very like flowers.I too like flowers very much.So,I have very beautiful flower garden.It is a very little one.Either it is but little is mavallous.There are roses,anthuriam,daspethi,Katarolu,kaneshan,popi flower,dasi,pichcha etc.I look after these flowers daliy.I watering to them daliy morning In the morning my flower garden is very beautiful.Every flower trees have flower.So some days the butterfly and bumble bees come towards the flowers .Through my little garden makes my home very attactive .So I ask you If you have not a flower garden to start make one in the new year.

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I have number of of favourites.My favourite subjects are English, Dancing,Sinhala and Computing.My favourite food is fried rice and like to drink Cola.My favourite drama is Tikiri Happanu and favourite acfor is  Suraj Mapa and favourite actoress is Manjula Kumari.I like to wear frocks.Best film is Samanala Thatu.


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All of the people fear to speak about this topic.Every  people dislike to hear this word.Actually this tsunami is very dangerous.So tsunami is one of the most dangerous natural disasters.Sri Lankans did not much emphasis on it before.However the name comes from the Japanese.It means tidal waves.

             We all got to know about tsunami after the 26th of December 2004.Southern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka was endangered to this fearful experience.I felt very sad to see and hear them.More than 40 000 lives were no more.Parents lost their children and children lost their parents.Some children lost their parents and friends.That day all the Sri Lankan people was cried.

          Tsunami occurs due to an eathquake  under the seabed due to that seabed cracks and a heavy lord of sea water comes to the land suddehly.As well as the country side people help to this people other countries help to our country.I wish we will not be able to face such situation again in the future.

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THE sun shine in the village

morning It laugh with me

The environment is beautful

I love living  there

I live in a village

A lovely village

I like to hear the voices

I didn’t like to hear the noise

There are houses

Big and little

some have huts

some have bunglows

I get fresh air

I get fresh water

I get fresh vegatables

daily, I hear birds voices

Every places I can see green

There are big trees

And there are small trees

my village has healthy environment

There are  many people live

some are poor people

and some are rich people

I am lucky to born here………………………


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