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In 2007 I was in Grade Nine C class.So I studied twelve month at this class.I started learn in this class in January 2007 in one of frist day.Early in the morning .I remembered that January second.I went to my new class very happy to learn new books,new class room,new teachers.So we were very happy.Some times we enjoyed .Some times we fighted but we were like brothers and sisters.So very nice the Grade nine class and the teacher gave us advices and they taught good and bad things.We learned many things at this class about world,about village,about country etc
So we faced test and Assessment.We participated each each games and programmers lastly we faced term test November month we did that well.So we spent very well at this nine class.So next year 2008 we will enter a new class it grade 10-C.Actually very happy on this.I hope do my study very well in Grade 10 .


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