Daily Archives: July 26, 2008


I unforgeted June month.Because my Thaththa’s birthday is on 25 of june month.So,my family members and I got up early in the morning.I would like writing to writing to this my thaththa’s birthday came to my home So,very happy day.So,early in the morning,we wished to thaththa.My thaththa was very happy.

      However I was very happy to that day.We enjoyed with thaththa.Now my thaththa is fifty two years old.So,I gave a very small preseut to my thaththa.Father was very happy My brother and sister gave preseut to father.That day morning we went to the temple with father.And at the night we arranged the little party by my father.So I wish my father live long time to bring my age.

                                                                    THATHTHA GOD BLESS YOU


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