About our sports meet


We are going to the school five days and these five days we are living with the books. But for a few days, students in our school lived with out these books. It’s had a special reason, it’s our sports meet. Our school PIT and teachers organized this. First, PIT selected the students for each of the houses. Names of the houses are Soora, Weera and Deera; very nice names. My house is Deera[K2] .After getting selected to our houses we went to the school in a very happy mood. We practiced daily and we selected the players for each of the events. All the students were hoping for sports meet festival but our village was attacked by LTTE soldiers. Due to this reason we were afraid. Our school got army soldiers. Our principal told us one day that this year we don’t have the sports meet. We felt very sad. What shall we do?. I think we are very unlucky. We wish our sports meet will be held next year.

 [K1]You can also change the title to ‘Our sports meet’ which is more interesting.
 [K2]Don’t use the word ‘So’ to start a sentence. You can use it when you talk to some one. For example we ask ‘Ithin kohomada?’ in Sinhalese but we don’t use ‘Ithin’ to start a sentence in written Sinhalese. It is the same thing here.


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  1. Nice to see this, but are you sure you want to leave the comments on? 🙂 May be you wanted to keep it recorded; that’s good.

  2. Oyage Blog Eka Very Nice

    Mama vitharak newe oyath wasanawanthai

    My Yahoo Chat ID


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