As an Asian country called Sri Lanka take a major place in having natural resources.Among the natural resources in Sri Lanka natural forests,water resources such as water falls,streams etc,birds and wild animals take a major place.When we consider about the natural forests,the Sinharaja forest is cousidered as the only undisturbed rainforest left in Sri Lanka.
It is situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province.The Sinharaga rain forest is the largest rain forest rescue in Sri Lanka.In 1989 UNESCO included the Sinharaga forest in the world heritage list,as the first National Heritage in Sri Lanka.The Sinharaga forest is a home to many rare animals,birds,butter flies,insects,reptiles and trees.Sinharaga varies between 35 to 40 metres.
Some trees are above 50 metres.Studies have recorded 147 species of birds and also 45 varieties of reptiles.But today this natural kingdom is facing many threats from man.In 1936 the Sinharaga forest area was 25 000 hectares and it decreased to 11187 in 1994 and at present it is only about 8864 hectares.The main reason for decreasing the land area of Sinharaga forest is the harmful activities of man.
With the increasing of the population the people around Sinharaja forest started to clear the land and settle around Sinharaga and this became the main reason for the decreasing of Sinharaga land area.Conservation of Sinharaga is of vital necessity.If ensures the maintenance of water resource.Two rivers which are nourrished from the Sinharaga forest are river Kulu and Nilwala and also small streams which are originated from Sinharaga nourishes many plants and animal species.
Sinharaga also stands as a buffer against floods which is a constant threat due to heavy rainfall in this area.It is our duty and responsibility to protect this natural rainforest of maintain the beauty of our motherland Sri Lanka.


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