So I am writing this topic I would like to say that I am very happy to attend  the new class.Actually I was at the  Grade  9-c  in 2007 and we studied very well at Grade 9-c . Next year we will pass to the new Grade 10-c .So, 04th of December 2007  we received  new books this books are very good and very interesteresting.Actually these books are good better than grade 9-c class books.English book is very good and interesting.I’m very like this subject we gave five books.So I came to the home and that book.Certanilly this book very important and interst sinhala book has very good stories and lesson that lesson we give advices.

                 Class teachers are new books are new.Class is new .All of us new.So lastly we will study very well next year.


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2 responses to “MY NEW CLASS

  1. I can remember how I happy was at the begining of a new class year.
    Good luck with your new class!

  2. buddika

    I’m very happy.

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