All of the people fear to speak about this topic.Every  people dislike to hear this word.Actually this tsunami is very dangerous.So tsunami is one of the most dangerous natural disasters.Sri Lankans did not much emphasis on it before.However the name comes from the Japanese.It means tidal waves.

             We all got to know about tsunami after the 26th of December 2004.Southern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka was endangered to this fearful experience.I felt very sad to see and hear them.More than 40 000 lives were no more.Parents lost their children and children lost their parents.Some children lost their parents and friends.That day all the Sri Lankan people was cried.

          Tsunami occurs due to an eathquake  under the seabed due to that seabed cracks and a heavy lord of sea water comes to the land suddehly.As well as the country side people help to this people other countries help to our country.I wish we will not be able to face such situation again in the future.

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