Actually this Sinhala and Hindu new year is very happy season to us.We like it too much.So my brothers and sisters come  on April 09th in my birthday.We celebrated my birthday last year too.We enjoyed .After we  were get ready to the new year prior to the day We clean the home.We were washed our dirty clothes, table clothes, window clothes and other equipments.All of us worked very well and my family members went to the shop and they bought all the things we need.We bought new cloths for us.We also got ready to made sweets and other things to eat.The new year day came on the 14th at the auspious timeand we lighted crackers.We cooked milk  rice We layed the dining table with milk rice sambol and sweets and plantains.We made kavum,kokis,dodol and aluwa.At the auspious time our father lighted the oil lamp and started work.So my family members went to the Uyankumbura tank.

                We brouyht the sweets there and we ate.I was very happy and All of us enjoyed very well at this place.This place is very good and very attractive and very nice.after we came to our home and we read the books and we played various games.We also visited our neighbers and relatiues and friends very cheeful day that day.So last day in happy new year At the auspious.our fatherapplyed some ol on our head.Then had a bath we were very happy these days.We played we danced we ate as a competion we sung the songs.So very happy day.I never forgeted 2007 sinhala and Hinhu happy new year day.

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