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We have the computer class on every Saturday at about 2.30 p.m in my school.So usually we went to this class on Saturdays.I think the date is 13th of this month.I never forget this day,in my life.Because I saw very unfortunate incident……….A dog was died near the gate of my school.This dog is a little dog.I was very sad.I looked at that side.So,I . . . . .can’t . . . . . .yes can’t explain this death it met an accident by a careless driver or by poisoning some one.So what shall we do.We were  very sad

I have a little dog as a pet in my home.So I was very sad.However we enter the school left side.Life is a ? .I feel so.I think our life are like this.So this dog disposted by our school teachers and students.Very bad seen and I was very sad.Actually same to our class mates.So I  would like to tell following sentences.

”Death is common

to all of us”

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