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Monaragala Bibile jayawardana Atthanayaka Navodya Maha Viduhala is my school.So There is a library in my school.I would like to enter this library and it has many kinds of various books.This books are very interesting and important.In my school library teacher is Thaksila madam and library assitant is Mrs. Hemalatha this library arrange very pleasant place.We go to the library very happy.The books are arranged in racks.So then the students can select books very quickly.Thats good there are over five thousand books in my school library.Some are
*detective stories books
*Adventure stories books
*Science fiction books
*Children stories books
*folk tale
*Autobiography books etc.So I would like to read detective stories books.Specially my school library has Anna kournica,Sherlock home etc.Specially it has English books
*Village by the see
*Oliver twist
*Treasure in the jungle
*Swami and friends
*Mill on the floss
*Alis in the wonderland etc.Also my school library has many books.Specially It has educational books.EX.
*Maths etc
Daily news papers too are here We read them for collect many information about daily news in my country and the other countries.Finally I humbly ask you to donate books to my school library.

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