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Lord buddha was one of the worlds greatest religious  teachers.His real name is Gautame Siddhartha.His father was king Suddhodana and his mother was queen Mahamaya They lived in the city of kapila wasthu  His family was very riches and his father was a king of that country.He got married the most beautiful princess of his country.His name was Yasodara She had child was Rahula Prince Sidhartha wanted to find out the meaning of the life and he left his place as a yonude man, he went to many truth he went to many teacher.But they couldn’t help him.His had beneath deeply under the bo tree he become the Buddha 

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Water is one of the most essetial things for the existence of life in this world.Without water,man can not exist. Can not  plants live without water too.But survive a few days without water living is imposible even a day.We are sure ca not deny thirst .The land is covered water with 71 percent,out of this only a small portion is made use for us.There are many advantageos of it. We use water for various purposes.Such as cleaning house and to cook etc.It is also used to produce electricity all the vegetation depends on water  and there will not be any life on this  earth without so water is indispensable commodity in our life.

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