Keeping pet is a very facinationg hobby.Most people select keeping pet for their leisure time.Dogs,cats,rabbits,birds and fishes keep as pets.I world like to tell about dogs.Today many people keep dogs as a pet.These dogs hear very small sounds.They protect our home from enemies.And some dogs are very good as watch dogs.Dogs are our companians.They respect their master.Dogs have many charactaristics.So we keep  dogs  as a pet and we care them by you making cages and providing foods to  eat them They eat  rice,meat,milk etc.So these pets like to play.

                                                                                          So you can brush their body.So if you keep a rabbit as a pet first,you must grow some grasses to sleep the rabbid they like live this grassea and you can give to eat to rabbit grass,carrot ect.If your resting you can enjoy lokk activity of the rabbit if you keeping the rabbits you protect this pets from enemies.So lasily leeping pets is a very good activity.And we can enjoy regarding this reason.

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