Actually I love my family membres.I love them very much.I have five family membres.I have four sisters and one brother.They love very much to me.I love them too.My elder sister is Dammika.Her nick name is ‘Loku’. She has got married and she has a pretty daugnter.Her husband is Indika Mohan Samaraweera. My next sister is Chandima.Her nick name is ‘podi .She is a nurse at Bambalapitiya hospital.She too married.Her husband is Shasi Kumara. My third sister is not married yet.Her nick name is ‘Champi’.Chamali is forth sister we call her as ‘Chintha’ She sat the A/c exam in 2007 . I have one brother.I love my Ayya very much.Her name is Chinthaka. His nick name is ‘Mangala’.My brother is eighteen years old and he does the job.My sisters and I love my Ayya very much.Because of my family has one boy.So my family member do the jobs.Chintha Akki is in home. I wish my family a good family. My sisters call to us twice a day.Day by day I love my family members.

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