My Parents

I would like to write about this topic because of my parents.I’m very like this word “my parents”than other words in the world.This word is a very very important and very lovely words is the world.So I love my parents I’d like recognize my Amma and Thaththa.Amma’s name is Dayani.Thaththa name is Sirisena.My parents haven’t engaged in the  govenment occupations.They do agriculture. My mother is a house wife.She do all the house works in my house.Dairly,she do many many things.Amma  cooks very well.The meals she cooked are very tasty.My father do farming .He earns the money to my family.So my Amma and Thaththa think and look about my family members.Acually my Amma and Thaththa love to my family members.And they advice to us.Daily my Amma and Thaththa checks bad things and good things about me.And guide to minimise the bad habits.So,I love my parents.I wish my Amma and thatha to be the parcnts even in the next birth of me.

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